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Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

keywords : Bearings for Rolling Mills
Model : Cylindrical Roller Bearing
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Additional Information

Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearing:
Four row cylindrical roller bearings can bear radial load and great impact load, high machining accuracy, suitable for high speed.
After press the inner ring into the roller, the raceway of the inner ring and the roller surface can be grinded in the same time, which can improve the rolling accuracy. During the installation, the bearing clearance can be adjusted freely. The bearing always used for working roll and support roll of the cold rolling mill or hot rolling mill, cogging mills, and so on.
FC: Double outer ring, single inner ring, no rib on the inner ring;
FCD: Double outer ring, double inner ring, no rib on the inner ring;
FCDP:Double outer ring, only flange on the outer ring but no flat ring;
FCDP110160560/P5, FCDP130180650/C4, FCDP84120440/P5, FCDP150227690, and so on.
Dimension Range:
Inner Ring Diameter Range:80mm~1500mm 
Outer Ring Diameter Range:100mm~1500mm
LYSN is capable to produce bearings with the accuracy P5, P4, P2, and special accuracy for spindle bearings, such as: SP, UP.
Radial Clearance:
The clearance C3 is usually used for standard four row cylindrical roller bearing. LYSN can also supply our customer unstandard clearance bearing according to specific requirements.

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