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Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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Deep Groove Ball Bearings (Deep Groove Ball Bearings) are bearing the most common type. Basic type of deep groove ball bearings from one outer ring, an inner ring, a ball and maintain the structure as a group, deep groove ball bearing type code 6.

Deep groove ball bearings are mainly used to bear radial load of pure, but also to support radial load and axial load. When its only pure radial load to bear when contact angle is zero. When the deep groove ball bearings with a larger radial clearance, the performance with angular contact bearings can bear large axial load. Deep Ditch ball bearing friction coefficient is small, speed is also high, especially in large high speed axial load conditions, the deep groove ball bearings than push ball bearings are more advantages.

Deep groove ball bearings are simple, easy to reach compared with other types of manufacturing high precision, so easily into the series of high-volume production, manufacturing low cost, using it is very common. In addition to basic type deep groove ball bearings, there are all kinds of variant structures, such as: deep groove ball bearings with dust cover;

With rubber seal of deep groove ball bearings; the slots on the deep groove ball bearings; there mounted a large load capacity gap ball deep groove ball bearings; double row deep groove ball bearings.

Deep groove ball bearings are the most representative bearing, widely used. For high speed or high speed operation, and is very durable,without regular maintenance. Type of bearing friction coefficient is small, extreme high speed, simple construction, low manufacturing cost, easy to manufacture high precision. Size Diverse range and form, used in precision instruments, low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and general machinery industries, is used in machinery industry

The most common kind of bearing. The main radial load, but also can withstand a certain amount of axial load.

Select large radial clearance to increase the axial load capacity to withstand the contact angle of pure radial force is zero. Axial force when the contact angle is greater than zero. Generally use the punch Long Cage, car solid cage, sometimes frame by nylon.

Deep groove ball bearings installed in the shaft, the axial clearance in the bearing within the shaft or housing limit the axial displacement in both directions, so you can make in two-way

Axial location. In addition, the type of bearing is also aligning with a certain ability to tilt when compared with shell holes 2 'to 10' when still work, but have some influence on bearing life. Deep Groove Ball Bearings are mostly steel stamping ribbon cage, large multi-use vehicles bearing metal solid cage.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings use:

Deep groove ball bearings can be used for transmission, instrumentation, motors, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery.

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