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Single Row Cylinder Bearings

Single Row Cylinder Bearings

keywords : Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Model : Cylindrical Roller Bearing
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Additional Information

Product Features:
Single row cylindrical roller bearing, in which rollers are guided by the flange on the inner or outer ring. Flange with special design and surface treatment of the rollers, can provide good lubrication and reduce friction, thus reducing the operating temperature of bearing.
One flange ring with roller and cage assembly together, and can separate from another ring. So as to facilitate the installation and removal of. Especially under certain load conditions, the inner and outer rings need to shrink fit.
Single row cylindrical roller bearings can bear heavy radial load with high speed. There are many different designs for the bearing, the main difference is the different flange position. The followings are the most commonly used designs: NU, N, NJ and NUP series.
NU & N series:
NU type, with double rib on the outer ring, the outer ring, rollers and cage can be separated with the inner ring. N-type, with double rib on the inner ring, the inner ring, rollers and cage can be separated with the outer ring.
NJ series:
NJ series single-row cylindrical roller bearing, with double rib on the outer ring and one rib on the inner ring.
NCF series:
The bearing has no cage, is single row complement cylindrical roller bearing. It can carry large load.
Dimension Range:
Inner ring diameter range: 80mm~1500mm;
Outer ring diameter range: 100mm~1500mm;
LYSN is capable to produce bearings with the accuracy P5, P4, P2, and special accuracy for spindle bearings, such as: SP, UP.Clearance:
Standard single row cylindrical roller bearings always with basic radial clearance. But, LYSN company can also supply our customer clearance C3, C4, or un-standard clearance.
Representative Type:
1), Single-row Cylindrical Roller Bearings
NJ 18/1700/C3; NU 18/1250 CCG540; NF 18/1600; NJ6/1000; NJ 1064 M/C3; NJ2896 M; NJ 1064 M/C3; NJ 38/670 M; and so on.
2), Single-row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings
NCF 28/750 V/P5; NCF 28/750-V-R310&363; NCF 28/750-V; 
NCF 18/850-V-CNL-A02; NCF18/530; NCF18/670; NCF 18/500-V-C3; 
NCF 18/630-V-R260&300; NCF 18/600 V/P5; SL172960C4, and so on

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