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Turntable Bearing

Turntable Bearing

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Turntable bearing (slewing ring), also known as slewing ring bearing turntable, an affordable large-scale integrated load bearing,

  Able to support large axial, radial load and overturning moment. Wheel bearings are generally of a mounting hole, inner gear or outer gear, lubrication holes and sealing devices, which can host design, compact structure, guidance is simple, easy to maintain. LZK wheel bearings with or without gear, external gear and internal gear wheel four-point contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball wheel bearings, cross-cylindrical roller wheel bearings, cross-tapered roller wheel bearings and three-row cylindrical roller recombination turntable bearing four series, including four-point contact ball bearing turntable with a high static load capacity, cross-cylindrical roller wheel bearings with high dynamic load capacity of teaching, cross-tapered roller wheel bearings and preloaded bearing can have greater support for rigidity and rotational accuracy, three-row cylindrical roller bearing wheel bearing load capacity as the improvement of lead bearing height, separately by different forces roller bearing, so the same force cases, the bearing diameter can be greatly reduced, and hence a more compact features of the host is a high carrying capacity of the wheel bearings. LZK wheel bearings are widely used in lifting machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, port machinery, ship equipment and machinery and high-precision radar guided missile launchers and other equipment, large-scale rotary device. Meanwhile LZK also the specific requirements of the user design, development, production of special structure of turntable bearings

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