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Thrust Roller Bearings

Thrust Roller Bearings

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Cylindrical roller thrust bearings are often combined into a high stiffness bearing configuration, can withstand heavy loads and vibration loads. These bearings can also bear large single direction axial load, but cannot bear radial load, they are not capable to automatically aligning.
Cylindrical thrust bearings usually include 811 series and 812 series bearings.
LYSN company provides our customer many kinds of cylindrical roller thrust bearing with high accuracy and high rigidity. We can both supply standard design or special design for different applications.   Tapered roller thrust bearings are mainly bears radial, axial joint load, but the radial load can’t be exceeds the 55% of axial load. The bearing’s load taking capacity depends on the raceway’s angle of the outer ring, the larger the angle, the better the load taking ability. This kind of bearing is a kind of separable bearing.
Comparing with other kinds of bearings, tapered roller thrust bearing have the capabilities as follows:
1. Anti-friction;
2. High rotating speed; 
3. Aligning ability;

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