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Backing Bearings

Backing Bearings

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Backing bearings are roller bearings having a particularly thick-walled outer ring, be mounted on the work rolls. It is mainly developed for multi-roll cold rolling mill.
Backing bearings have many designs for different working conditions. But, there only two kinds of bearings are widely used, double row cylindrical roller bearings and three row cylindrical roller bearings, without or with different sealing structures.
Typical application for the backing bearings produced by LYSN company as follows:
1450mm SR 12Hi single stand reversible cold rolling mill
1400mm SR 20Hi single stand reversible cold rolling mill
1400mm SR12Hi double stand reversible cold rolling mill
Backing bearings made by LYSN is capable for rolling mills of making aluminum plate, straight carbon steel, stainless steel plate, etc. Most of the raw material for backing bearings LYSN made is imported from European Countries, and all the cylinder rollers are made by ourselves, with special design, which are guarantee the good quality and long working life of the bearing.
The high accuracy (runout) of our products can reach 0.001mm. The precision grade can reach to better than P4. 
Representative type (LYSN’s code): NNCF2660168X, NNCF3680181X, NNCF3680171X, NNCF3680224X, NNCF3680205X, NNCF43110205X, etc. 

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