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Passive Magnetic Bearing

Passive Magnetic Bearing

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According to the source of magnetic force of magnetic bearings and its controllable can be divided into Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB), Passive Magnetic Bearing (PMB), Active Passive Magnetic Bearing (APMA). 

Active magnetic bearing stiffness, can be precise control, but is expensive; Passive magnetic bearing stiffness small, but small suspension power, and cheap prices. 

PMG for wind-power generation is a kind of multi-pole low-speed generator with its rotor having PM installed. This allows for the direct connection of wind wheel, thus enjoying the advantage of easy maintenance. By this research, optimal manget size and configuaration are selected, temperature of each part is fully matched, and FEM analysis tool is used to look into and test PMG distortion resulting from outside force and magnetic force when it is in operation. Furthermore, real loan testing measures the electric features and verifies that the PMG is reliable and parameters completely meet related requirements. 

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