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Needle Bearing

Needle Bearing

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The definition and origin of needle bearing

Needle bearing (needle bearing) is a roller with a cylindrical roller bearing, relative to its diameter, both the thin and long rollers. Such as needle roller. Despite its small cross section, bearing the load is still high capacity, therefore, especially suitable for the radial space-constrained situations.

Needle in the proximal side profile surface Lightly contraction. Needle and the groove line contact results amended to avoid damaging the edge of the stress. Department of thick needle bearing roller bearing outer ring, nitrogen quenching at high temperature, high-precision roller separation by high rigidity outer ring of ribs to guide the use of linear contact wheel can easily turn in the rolling trail, and can under tremendous load. To remove the stress, support the outer wheel design with arc, curve there with a single roller, double seals, without seals, seal rings and other specifications. Grease seal storage space with large, long-term nature of lithium grease to provide lubrication, and extended lubrication intervals. Seals made of nitrile rubber with a skeleton or ST12, the operating temperature range of -30 ° C to +100 ° C or -30 ° C to +180 ° C. The curve closely mounted wheel can withstand extremely heavy loads, and high-performance operation. RSTO outer ring without ribs, roller bearings without inner ring

Needle bearing characteristics and uses:

With thin and long needle bearing roller (roller length diameter of 3 to 10 times the diameter of generally not more than 5mm), so the radial structure is compact, its internal diameter and load capacity of the same with other types of bearings, minimum diameter, especially for radial bearing mounting dimensions restricted results. According to use different, and can be used without inner ring of the bearing or needle roller and cage assemblies, at this time to match the journal and the bearing surface and the shell holes, as bearing directly on the surface, the outer rolling surface, in order to ensure load capacity and operational performance and have the same ring bearings, shaft or housing bore raceway surface hardness, machining accuracy and surface quality should be similar roller bearing ring. Such bearings can only bear radial load.

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