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Sulphur reactor

Sulphur reactor

keywords : Special equipment for petrochemical industry
Model : RC-SRUSR
Price : USD 20000-70000

Additional Information

The reactor function is to make the process gas of H2S and SO2 in the presence of catalyst to Claus reaction of sulfur, but also make the process gas in COS and CS2 organic sulfur compounds in the reactor as the decomposition of H2S and CO2.

The reactor is a horizontally placed carbon steel container. The catalyst bed height is generally 0.9-1.2m, and the catalyst bed is horizontally placed on the center line of the reactor. Improper design or careless installation (especially the careless installation of metal screen) can result in leakage of catalyst. In this case, re-loading of the catalyst must be conducted, and the downstream equipment must be cleaned.

The design of reactor will directly affect the conversion rate of H2S.

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