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Wire Rope Crack Tester

Wire Rope Crack Tester

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Product Introduction:

MH SERIES DETECTOR is a professional wire rope Non Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment which was researched and invented based on the principle ""Permanent Magnetism and Magnetic Flux Leakage"". It conforms ASTM E1571-01 US Standard and EN12927-8 EU standard. And it gained technology patent for this product in America and Russia. 

Now MH SERIES DETECTOR and services have been offered to 33 countries, more than 100 professional inspection organizations and laboratories in global markets. Inspection fields involving mining, cable way, Bridges, elevator, construction, oil and other important industries. 

From the year 2005 in domestic, China National Cable way Inspection Center, as an authorized governmental organization, has chosen MH SERIES DETECTOR as a law-enforcement device for undertaking wire rope NDT for all cable-ways here in China. In abroad, DMT Wire Rope Inspection Center in Germany, BRIDON Company in Unit Kingdom and lots of international companies are using MH SERIES DETECTOR for inspection.

Product Features:

1.The large detecting ranges: MH SERIES DETECTOR can detect 6 to 150mm diameter steel wire rope, including round strand, triangle, flat shapes and other structure of wire rope;

2.The data collecting unit is no more than 700 grams: MH SERIES DETECTOR is the most portative product and the best choice for wire rope NDT;

3.Good repeatability, high consistency in multiple detection: Through regular and periodic test MH SERIES DETECTOR can very well reflect the life-time deterioration pattern of the ropes; 

4.High detection accuracy: Detecting with strong magnetic, precision and sensitive signal data collection for broken wire and metal loss of cross-sectional area; 

5.Simple operation: The output waveform figure is simple, direct, lucid and learnability. The final chart of result can easily be edited and further processed for the purpose of better interpretation;

6.Different diameter of wire ropes can be detecting by changing corresponding sensors and linings which is exchangeable and inexpensive. No need to change the magnetic head;

7.Detecting result is direct and clear: MH SERIES DETECTOR has dual LCD display screen and ""sound-light alarm"" system; 

8.The powerful software processing capacity of the equipment for noise filtering and shear. Optional eight channels displaying, detecting report would be generated automatically; 

9.Powerful Database Support: BECOT engaged in wire rope NDT for years. We established our NDT database with rich experience and large amount testing data;

10. MH SERIES DETECTOR can provide reliable data support for wire rope life time judgment.                                  

ABOUT US: LUOYANG BECOT SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD was founded in the year 1999. It is a professional high-tech enterprise who engaged in scientific research and development, production and processing, marketing and international cooperation in the friction drive System of wire rope lifting field. Through our unremitting efforts over the last decade, BECOT not only has owned NDT laboratory and tech-training center, but also a professional R & D team. 

With the aim of a further development of the enterprise, BECOT built cooperating relationship in domestic with Taiyuan University of Technology, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang University of Science and Engineering, also we have reached a cooperation with the University of Stuttgart in abroad. 

Now, BECOT could offer you a package of solutions around wire rope. Destructive & non-destructive testing, greasing & de-greasing, maintenance, Life expectancy and so on. 

You are welcome to contact us in anytime if you want to know more about BECOT.

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