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Denitration gun and nozzle

Denitration gun and nozzle

keywords : Industrial nozzle
Model : DB-SLT-interface size / pressure / flow rate-material
Price : USD 650

Additional Information

The atomizing particles (D32 diameter) of the denitration gun are usually 50-100μm, and the outer drops are thick and the intermediate drops are fine, so as to ensure the best penetration capacity. If the particle is too fine, the penetrability will be poor, and the denitration efficiency will be reduced. If the particles are too thick, the overall surface area of particles will be small, and also the denitration efficiency will be reduced. Moreover, for large particles, the flow rate of flue gas will cause the failure of spray particles to be completely vaporized in a short period of time. Sometimes liquid drops will be produced, resulting in furnace tube explosion. The optimum atomizing particle size should be designed according to the specific project.

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