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  • Main ProductsEVDC Charger, Charger, DC EVSE, Cloud Charging Management System, Power Load Monitoring and Energy Storage Management
  • CategoryCharging Equipment for Electric Vehicles
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Company Profile

Established in September 2004, Cama (Luoyang) Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as Cama Electronics) locates at Luoyang National New & High Tech Industry Development Zone, covering an area of over 40 mu and useable floorage 15,000 m2. The modernized scientific research production building is equipped with advanced development and production experimental apparatus and equipment, possessing leading processing, detection and experimental conditions in the industry. Cama Electronics has over 240 employees with all kinds of professions, gathering professional and technical personnel from seven professions, including electronic information, computer, communication, machinery, control, optics and management. Its main businesses, currently, are products of photoelectric information and new energy industry. It is devoted to the industrialization of cutting-edge photoelectric information technology applications, and concentrated on the development and production of energy storage products, development, production and sales of embedded system products, information security system and special products with optic-mechanical-electric technology. It is also an important product supplier and system integrator in areas of aviation, new energy, security and protection as well as information security in China. Its major products include: systematized chargers; products including battery management system, formation and fender; civilian industry products including serial fingerprint recognition products and serial power load management system; as well as military photoelectric equipment and electronic components, etc. Cama Electronics devoted to the development and application of optoelectronic information technology, and concentrated on the development, production and sales of embedded system products, information-based system and special equipment with optic-mechanical-electric technology. Its major products include: high-power charging equipment; non-standard test equipment for airarmament; electricity consumption information gathering terminal equipment for power consumer; monitoring terminal equipment of power distribution; battery management system; smart firearms cabinet, etc. Cama Electronics has passed the GB/T 19001-2000 and GJB 9001B-2001 Military and Civilian Certificate of Quality System from XQC, and won the license for scientific research and production of weapons, and certificate of National Secondary Secrecy Qualification Unit. In December 2006, Cama Electronics established a key laboratory of Information Processing and Intelligent System with Henan University of Science and Technology. In 2006, Cama Electronics was awarded as Luoyang Innovative Enterprise. It is one of the first new identified high-tech enterprises in Henan Province, the identified software enterprise, science and technology innovative pilot enterprise, one of 50 high-growth high-tech enterprises and provincial enterprise technology center in Henan Province. Currently, Cama Electronics has established perfect corporate governance structure and effective performance appraisal system, forming an operating management pattern integrated with scientific research, production and marketing. Cama Electronics has years of technical reserve on smart power grids, energy storage technology, and research on new energy technology, with dozens of patents (over ten patents and copyrights newly added in 2016), which are applied in chargers and relevant areas. It designs and develops 60 kW DC charger-based serial DC chargers, and is the main supplier of charging equipment for electronic motor coaches of Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yutong Bus), the leading enterprise of new energy coach in the world. Its high-power chargers for electronic vehicles conform closely to the standards on charger / DC charging pile stipulated by National Energy Administration (NEA) and State Grid Corporation of China, and its equipment fully meets the relevant requirements of standards. The power of chargers covers from 30 kW ~ 150 kW, with a voltage of DC charging 200 ~ 750 V, charging current 0 ~ 240 A, which can meet the charging required by small passenger car, electric and hybrid-power coach and bus adopting lithium iron phosphate and manganese iron phosphate. At present, Cama Electronics has established a good relation between supply and demand with Yutong Bus, and sighed cooperation agreement on Smart DC Charger Project with Yutong Group. With the continuous expansion of market, their cooperation will have more extensive development space. Dozens of different types of charging equipment self-developed by Cama Electronics have covered over 120 large- and middle-sized cities in China, whose annual sales exceeds 3,000, which is responsible for 25% in the market of DC chargers. From Mohe, Heilongjiang in the north, to Sanya in the south, and from Shanghai in the east, to Kashi, Xinjiang in the west, its products are all operated on site, which can meet various harsh weather conditions and special requirements of different users. For international market, the 60-kW DC charger (overseas version) developed has passed the test, won the CE Certificate of TÜV Rheinland, and was qualified to enter the European market. In recent years, the business of charging equipment has grown continuously and rapidly. In 2015, the sales revenue of DC charging equipment for electric motor coach reached RMB 195.25 million, with a year-on-year growth of 601.83%. In 2016, it maintained a good momentum, providing over RMB 400 million value of gross output and sales revenue for Cama Electronics. Cama Electronics has increased the input on R&D of products for years. R&D expenditure accounts for over 3% of the operation revenue, which has exceeded RMB 8 million in recent two years. Cama Electronics has increased the input on “Internet + charging equipment” scientific research since 2013, and has developed the cloud intelligent management system for charging station (cloud platform for short), which has been online for operation in July 2015, realizing the real-time online monitoring on chargers on a national scale. The amount of registered smart chargers in China, currently, has exceeded 4,500, the amount of chargers operating real-time online everyday has exceeded 2,000, and the monthly charging degrees exceeded 25 million degrees. To improve the performance and quality of system, upon the approval by Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Cama Electronics has established provincial engineering and technological research center of the energy management equipment of smart power distribution and consumption and energy storage laboratory in 2013, equipped with experimental equipment including chargers, clamp-on wattmeter, electronic load and programmable power supply. In recent years, Cama Electronics has established electromagnetic compatibility laboratory and high-low temperature experimental equipment. The establishment of laboratory has played a significant role in solving difficult problems of system.

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