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Located in Floor 10, Lianfei Tower, Luoyang Area, China (He’nan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Luoyang Erqiao Agricultural Peony Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology innovation agriculture enterprise that specializes in the cultivation, breeding and acclimation of peony cultivars, the selection of quality ornamental peony and the new varieties of oil peony by using biodynamic farming method, and it integrates study, research, sales as well as service. The company business covers: 1. Luoyang Erqiao Garden Spot seedling science research and breeding base of more than 200 mu; 2. Planting production base of more than 400 mu; 3. A peony oil processing base. The technical team of the company: the core technical team is led by Mr. Cheng Yanlin, the corporate juridical person, chairman as well as a well-known personage in Peony industry, and associates Luoyang Peony Research Institute and Peony Institute of Henan University of Science and Technology; with more than 30 years’ cultivation, breeding and acclimation planting experience and scientific management technology. Variety breeding innovation and scientific research is a major advantage of our company. In the past two years, with the introducing of Internet Plus, informatization of Internet of Things, cultivation model with standardization and precision, as well as advanced breeding technology, the garden appeared various exotic and rare varieties such as sowing seedling, grafting seedling, individual seedling, assorted peonies and peony tree, and the company has completely independent intellectual property right for those techniques, which are exclusive both at home and aboard. Besides, the flowers have the advantages of big and bright, bloom late, long flowering period, strong adaptability, drought-enduring and pest resistance. At present, the garden spot has of over 30 varieties of peonies, including the four major varieties group (traditional Luoyang variety, northwest, southwest and JIangnan), and domestic and foreign quality peony. The colors contain 10 kinds: white, pink, red, plum, purple, aubergine, black, blue, yellow, green and assorted color; the resource library of peony variety is basically taken shape and is under construction. Moreover, the company also supplies the peony related products such as potted peonies, fresh cut peonies, festival gift peonies, oil peonies and velamen at four seasons; all the year round, we engage in flower shows, garden projects in other places, gardening, technical consulting and technical service. Vision: based in Luoyang, make friends via the media of flowers; sticking to being oriented by market, taking innovation as driving force, seeking survival with quality, and win friends and bright future with services.

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