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LUOYANG GOLDEN EGRET GEOTOOLS CO., LTD., founded in 2012, is wholly-owned by the listed company XIAMEN TUNGSTEN CO., LTD (XTC). As a backbone cemented carbide enterprise of XTC with registered capital of 1.05 billion RMB and first investment of 1billion RMB, GEOTOOLS specializes in producing and selling high quality tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, hard facing materials, carbide anvils, carbide roll rings, rock drill tools, construction picks and many other products. For the rock drill tools, we have tapered drill bits , threaded drill bits , DTH hammer bits. LUOYANG GOLDEN EGRET rock drilling tools are the extension products of “GOLDENEGRET “carbide, which is the last ring of “GOLDEN EGRET “product chain. Based on technology accumulation of tungsten smelting for more than 30 years and carbide manufacture for more than 20 years, applying anti-impact and anti-wear mining tools buttons, using excellent raw steel and forging technology , manufactured and assembled by high efficiency automatic production lines, LUOYANG GOLDEN EGRET has successfully built “GOLDENEGRET “rock drilling tools with features of superior and excellent stability. “GOLDEN EGRET “ rock drilling include tapered bits, threaded bits, DTH bits and so on. With the principle of “having what others don’t have and being better than what others have”, rock drilling tools R & D team will develop the sharpest industry “teeth”, the most suitable bits for various formations.

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