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  • Luoyang Wang Shupin Sculpture Co., Ltd.

  • Business TypeLimited liability company
  • OwnershipManufacturer
  • Main ProductsCopper relief / bronze sculpture / sculpture / gold sculpture / silver sculpture / custom sculpture / metal handicraft / copper pot / peony / gift / souvenir
  • CategoryMetal sculpture
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Company Profile

Luoyang Wang Shupin Sculpture Co., Ltd., founded by Wang Shupin, a copper sculpture master in China, has been dedicated to the inheritance and development of metal hammer forging process for over 30 years. Pioneering in the gold, silver and copper sculpture and portrait professionals and the production of metal peony, the company customizes metal reliefs, copper peony trees and metal peony trees, tea ceremony utensils and various metal craft ornaments. Among them, the metal relief was presented to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the French President Chirac and the Queen of England as national gift. Our master Wang Shupin is a representative inheritor of "metal hammer forging process", the intangible cultural heritage of Henan Province. After 30 years of practice, he has explored the portrait production processes of gold, silver and copper relief and copper peony and large metal peony tree, which lead in the field of metal forging in the world. Copper Peony Tree and Metal Peony Tree have been pioneers in China. We have obtained a national invention patent. The metal handicrafts created by our team have won national gold medal for several times. In 2007, our manual built copper statues were awarded as the Largest Quantity of Shanghai Great World Guinness. In 2011, the project (metal hammer forging process) was recognized as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Henan Province by Henan Provincial Government.

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