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China Luo Yang Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. (TCK.W), established in March 2013, with a registered capital of RMB 54.8 million, is a high-tech company specialized in research on ferromagnetic substance inspection technology, as well as product manufacture, promotion and service. TCK.W has the most advanced weak magnetic inspection core technology and Internet of Things + wire rope intelligent inspection technology (30 patents for invention and utility models) in the world, and all intellectual property rights of these independent innovation high-tech achievements. TCK.W Technology has overcome the worldwide problem that has troubled the wire rope NDT industry for 100 years for the first time. With the products now sold to 42 countries and regions and more than 2,500 buyers worldwide, TCK.W has become a global leader in market segment; u TCK.W owns the production certificate for industrial products issued by AQSIQ, and has passed Mining Products Safety Approval and Certification and Certification for Explosive Products; u TCK.W has passed FCC, CE and IC Certification; u TCK.W has passed the certification of ISO:9001 Quality Management System, CSQA and National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Mining Machinery; The Internet of things + wire rope intelligent inspection expert system lately published by u TCK.W has successfully entered international markets such as Europe, the United States, Canada, Japan and Singapore, creating great value for customers. China Luo Yang Wire Rope Inspection Technology Co., Ltd. has the worlds most advanced core technology for weak magnetic inspection, and all intellectual property rights of this independent innovation high-tech achievement. Besides, it has innovative electromagnetic NDT technology that can locate, determine the nature of and quantitatively recognize various defects inside and outside the wire rope. At present, the Company has completed the development of series products such as portable wire rope flaw detector, Wire Rope W-PD wire rope core conveyor belt, Wire Rope W-TY wire rope, Wire Rope W-SD cableway wire rope and overhead man cage wire rope real-time safety monitoring systems, elevator traction steel belt intelligent safety device and elevator wire rope flaw detector suitable for various customers. Widely used in wire rope application fields such as mine, port, oil, electricity, hoisting machinery, cableway and elevator, these products have been sold to 45 countries and regions, with more than 2,500 buyers globally.

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