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The company has one national research center and three industry parks with almost 7000000 square meters in total .Luoyang Bearing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ZYS) is China Unique comprehensive bearing institute with 60 years experiences in bearing industry. Possessing China National Bearing Inspection and Test Center,We have a complete range of bearing comprehensive technical supporting capacity in the bearing industry of China and reach the leading world level in many disciplines. We provide comprehensive advisory services in bearing industry for the state's important decision-making departments. We also offer comprehensive technical solutions with respect to bearing selection, design, material, inspection, test, process equipment, training, etc. for bearing and related industries. We have many leading technical experts at home and abroad in the bearing industry,whose research subjects represent technical development trend of China's bearing industry and reach the leading world level in many disciplines. We offer bearing related enterprises and users with complete technical solutions including bearing design, material, inspection, test, technical equipment, etc. A Leading Enterprise for R&D of Precision Bearings in China The company focuses on the research and manufacture of high performance bearing products for the mainframes of national economic construction,and can carry out the batch production of various type of precision bearings from inner diameter 0.6mm to outer diameter 6300mm and relevant components. We research, develop, and produce more than 20 series and over 500 models of precision bearings. Our main products include precision angular contact ball bearings for spindle of machine tools, angular contact thrust ball bearings for ball screw support, double-direction angular contact thrust ball bearings, NN series of cylindrical roller bearings, YRT bearings of turntable, crossed roller bearings, bearings for high-speed wire precision rolling machine, bearing units for self-detection integrated turntable, etc. And, we provide complete technical solution of precision bearings. China's Base for R&D of Grinding Electric Spindle In 1958, we successfully developed the first electric spindle of China. We are the main drafter of national standards of electric spindle, a vice-director member of Technical Committee of Spindle Functional Components under China Machine Tool and Tool Builders' Association, a core organization for high-speed and high-efficiency machining and process innovation platform of a major state science and technology program "High-grade Numerically Controlled Machine and Basic Manufacturing Equipment". We mainly produce 9 categories including more than 20 series and 400 varieties of electric spindles. We are the China's largest leading enterprise for main spindle units of numerically controlled machine tools. Development Base of China Bearing Testing Instruments We have a range of patented and core technologies with respect to measurement of components and finished bearings. We won more than 20 prizes issued by the state, ministry and province, have more than 40 inventions of national patent, and are ISO, CE certificated. Base for R&D of Bearing Test Technologies and Test Machines in China .Main products:Bearing components testing instruments for roundness, cylindricity, profile, roughness, etc.;High-precision dynamic measuring instruments for finished bearings about vibration, clearance, rotating accuracy, friction torque, protrusion, contact angle, preload, rigidity, life, etc. Angular contact ball bearing automatic assembling line as well as automatic testing instruments for vibration, protrusion, rotating accuracy, contact angle, etc. Since 1960s, we have been engaged in development of bearing testing machine and research of bearing test technologies to provide the most professional solutions of bearing test technologies. Our Astronautics Bearing Laboratory is an important aerospace bearing test base in China. We have developed several hundreds of military and civil bearing test machines and exported them to the United States, Europe and other countries and regions. It is a comprehensive bearing test machines R&D and production base involved in many fields such as aviation, aerospace, high speed rail, wind power, automobile, machine tools, etc.; featuring wide coverage of test bearing dimensions; various test types, complete measuring and controlling items; high degree of automation, reaching the leading national level. Development Base of China Bearing Metals It mainly engages in development of new steel grade for bearings, metallurgical quality inspection and evaluation, experiment and evaluation of contact fatigue life, research on heat treatment technology, heat treatment equipment selection and commissioning, hot work technology improvement and personnel training, analysis on scraps of bearing parts, bearing failure analysis and heat treatment quality inspection. A Leading Enterprise for Bearings of Chinese National Defense As a leading enterprise in aerospace bearing industry of china,The company has successfully accpmplished the milestone tasks of bearing assemblies for 'Dong fang hong"series man-made satellite,manned spacecraft series from "SHENZHOU 1" to "SHENZHOU5" and "CHANG E" lunar exploration program.

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